Summer Camp

People across the world have been visiting Himalaya for adventure activities and place where they practice spiritual ritual alongside Nature.

Summer starts and people across the plains of India look north and start travelling to mountains where freshly melted water is feeding streams and big rivers, which will travel across length and breadth of the country to provide water to mankind and crops.

In summer Himalaya becomes Key center for adventure activities –

Main activities

1. Trekking
Choose a place in the Jungle where morning can be spent travelling the trails or visiting nearby temples.

2. Rock Climbing
Take a pack lunch and find rock patches to climb (carry good mountaineering equipment and at least one person with very good knowledge of climbing)

Rock climbing is a hard activity where we use ropes, harness, carabiner, rock pitons (if required) and anchor and belay is done by experience person to ensure safety of the climber.

3. River Crossing
This activity is pretty famous with new comers as rope will be used to travel across river or may be between two trees.

Short Activities

1.  Rappelling on the rocky patch– Rappelling is climbing down from a rocky surface, artificial wall or snow wall, consume least of energy if done properly and equipment required are figure of 8, ropes , harness and mittens.

2.  Introduction to mountaineering equipment– In trekking and mountaineering most commonly used equipments are static and dynamic ropes, carabiner, pitons,ice axe, hammers, gloves, goggles

3.  Lecture on Himalaya/ 8000+Peaks and Mountaineering Knots practice – Total of 14 peaks, 8 in Nepal and 5 in POK while one is on India-Nepal Border. Lecture will help us to understand their locations, heights and initial climb attempt.

4.  Setting up of tent and practice – You can learn on how to set up your tents, finding a good place for stay and even about bivouac.

Famous locations for camping activities are below-

Solang Nala Solang nala is situated at 13 Km from Manali, Himachal Pradesh and is situated at 2700+ m and offers lot of options of rock climbing and river crossing.

Triund this is a place for experience trekkers and need about 8km trek to reach here. It offers beautiful view of Hanuman Tibba

Hrishikesh place is a well known to river rafting community offers a nice camping site beside The Ganga.

Sitlakhet Up in Kumaon Himalaya, it is situated at 20 km from Ranikhet and offers a solitude, best for short camping.

Yuksom In north eastern part of India, Yuksom is a known place to trekkers and has number of options for trekking including famous Goecha La and Kanchenjunga reserve trek.


Summer Camp

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